Light Bites

Mixed Italian Olives                             3.50      Dormen Salted Nut Mix                      3.50

Welsh Rarebit                                      5.50        Artisan Bread & Salted Butter            1.50

Sweet Potato chips                               3.75      Hand cut chips                                       3.75

Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls (v)           7.50

Cocktail Sausages glazed with honey, mustard and sesame seeds                       7.95

Tempura Salt and Pepper Chilli Squid                                                                      8.25

Cajun Chicken Skewers with harissa and sour cream dip                                        8.95

Baked Wheel of Camembert with onion chutney and ciabatta points                    9.95

Cheese Platter  - fruit & nut bread, grapes and quince chutney                           10.00

Montgomery Cheddar, Tunworth, Colston Bassett Stilton

Harry’s Platter Cajun chicken skewers, cocktail sausages, mini                            16.95

vegetable spring rolls, tempura salted squid and hand-cut chips

Harry’s Vegetarian Plattervegetarian samosas, mini vegetable                          16.95

spring rolls, halloumi and red pepper skewers, potato and goat’s

cheese croquette and hand-cut chips



Scottish Smoked Salmon Poppy Seed Bagel with cream cheese,                          9.50

gherkins and rocket salad

Goat’s Cheese and Roasted Mediterranean Peppers in                                       8.50

brioche bun with tomato and onion chutney (v)

Harry’s Club Sandwich chicken, bacon, egg and blue cheese                                  9.50

dressing on a ciabatta bun

Croque Monsieur honey roasted ham and Gruyere cheese on                                  8.95

pan toasted white bread

Homemade Deluxe Beef Burger with smoked bacon,                                           12.95

mature cheddar and hand-cut chips

Fillet Steak Ciabatta with grilled onions, mushrooms, tarragon                              12.95

emulsion and hand-cut chips





A 12.5% discretionary service charge will be added to your final bill.

There may be a trace of allergens in some dishes – please ask server